We currently find ourselves in a time of increasing secularization, seemingly insurmountable pastoral challenges, and hostility toward the gospel of Christ. This is why Union School of Theology is needed. Within the ethos of theological education is a refusal to confirm or surrender God’s ultimate truth to the secular or cultural mandate. Ultimately, we exist to train preachers and form leaders who delight in God, are captured by the glory of Christ, and are energized by the Holy Spirit to faithfully serve the local church.

This campus, both in Wales and beyond, beats with a passion for Christ and his glory, and this passion infuses the life and community of the entire institution. Academic excellence, commitment to the gospel, and a bold confession of faith are combined in our faculty, among our students, and throughout our alumni serving all over the world, and in the many friends that make all this possible.

As Paul eagerly affirms in Romans 12:1, presenting your whole life to God as a “living sacrifice” results in abounding praise to the glory of his name. May this be our goal in the coming days.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Dustin W. Benge, Provost